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Length of Position:

Part Time (24-27 hours per week) [Monday-Thursday 9a.m.-4p.m. with lunch from 12-1pm]


Summary of Position:

The office manager is primarily responsible for creating an office environment that exudes the character of Christ. This includes maintaining a cheerful, organized, and friendly atmosphere, helping oversee all activities of the main church office, providing oversight and assistance to volunteer or clerical staff as needed, and steward the financial reporting of the church and it’s supporting ministries. 



  • Growing relationship and desire to follow Jesus.

  • Self starter who can think ahead and take necessary action.

  • Upright and honest in character.

  • Desire to be an ongoing learner. 

  • Upbeat personality that enjoys meeting and talking with visitors.

  • Running knowledge of computers and proficiency in keyboarding required.

  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Office required.

  • Knowledge and ability with digital design preferred.

  • Knowledge of accounting and book keeping processes preferred.

  • Past experience with digital book keeping highly preferred.

  • Regular attendance at a church of like mind preferred.

  • Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent.


Responsibilities: (Listed below) 

Reports to:

The Senior Pastor            

Compensation: $15-$17 p/hr 


Interested parties:

  • Complete the below application

  • Send resumé with completed application and references to one of the following:

    • Mail: 1300 E. Chestnut Street Canton, IL 61520Email:

    • Send a PDF form to (please use “Attention Office Manager Job” as the subject line.


Responsibilities Include:

  • To oversee the day-to-day office environment including phone calls, emails, and drop in visitors. 

  • To notify all pastoral ministry staff members of congregational needs when they are communicated (i.e. illness, medical procedures, prayer needs, death notices)

  • To know how to contact pastoral staff in case of an urgent need. 

  • To attend monthly staff meetings, unless previously excused.

  • To organize and maintain current church databases. (Both digital and paper) 

  • To oversee and ensure EFC’s Web Page has accurate and up-to-date information.  This will need to include as much relevant information for EFC’s ministry staff and ministries as possible.

  • To coordinate assignments among all office support staff, redistributing assignments as needed.

  • To maintain EFC’s main church calendar in detail.  

  • To ensure that the monthly bulletin is ready for publication by the 1st of each month.  

  • To ensure that incoming mail is distributed appropriately throughout the church and that all out-going correspondence is mailed or sent. 

  • To maintain complete, orderly and up-to-date files on all areas of church life, business, facilities and ministry. (Responsible to see that all Membership, Baptismal, Child Dedication, Funeral, Marriage, etc. records and certificates are prepared.  Make copies of each and keep excellent files and records in church office. Continually up-date member information and add new information as it is received. Weekly entry of Worship Service attendance.  Prepare New Attender list for the Ministry Staff each week. Compile and file church and ministry team business minutes.)

  • To ensure that visual communication is up-to-date (center pointe, church sign, chalkboard, announcement slides, website)

  • To know where all office supplies are stored and maintain inventory.  Maintain list of needed supplies.  Respond to problems with office equipment and take appropriate action to remedy the situation. Responsible for the ordering of all needed supplies as fits within the yearly office supply budget. 

  • To ensure that Petty Cash is maintained with accurate records and receipts. Also oversee the budget connected to the office. 

  • To assist in the training and supervision of volunteers to assure the following duties are fulfilled in a timely manner:

* Provide monthly updated phone lists and new members list to staff requesting such.

* Maintain accurate Church Directory at all times. (Print and make available to staff and congregation once or twice a year.)

  • Assist and do all church mailings.

  • All other tasks assigned by Senior Pastor


Book Keeping Responsibilities- 

  • Overseeing the volunteer counting of the offering to verify accuracy and recording.

  • Maintain confidentiality and healthy communication regarding individual and church finances. (See attached agreement) 

  • Utilizing Church Windows (or other book keeping software) to keep up to date financial records. 

  • Oversee monthly payroll and bill pay.

  • Develop monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for the finance team and the church membership.

  • Formulate reports for the finance team as needed or requested by the team. 

  • Attend all monthly finance team meetings in order to give insight and answer questions. (Paid for these meetings)

  • Answer questions related to ministry team budgets.​

Office Manager

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