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EFree Circuit
(March 5th @ 9:00AM)

Join Children's Ministry for a day of Family Fun with the EFree Circuit.
Pinewood Racing for All Ages!

Event Registration and Number Selection January 2st – Feb 6th
- January 2nd – Kit and Rule Pick up @ Church
- March 4th from 5:30pm to 8:00pm – Vehicle Weigh in and Car Submission
- March 5th – Event Day Start at 9:00 to End of Event
K through 2nd Grade: Racing and Design Competition
3rd through 6th Grade: Racing and Design Competition
All Ages Design Competition
All Ages Retro Race: Racing and Design Competition
- Kit Cost $5

Cars can be picked up between January the 2nd through February the 6th. The cost of a car kit is $5. Car Numbers are first come first serve.

Events are available for all ages. The grade school kids will have most of the event time, but there are events for younger children and for 7th grade and up. K-2nd Grade will have a Race and Design Competition starting at 9:00AM. After they are finished 3rd-6th will begin their Racing and Design Competition.

Everyone else may participate the in the All Ages Design Competition where you may submit a car to be judged for its creativity. There will not be a race for the All Ages Design cars.

We will be including a new racing category this event with the All Ages Retro Race. Any age may submit a car that they have built that is older than 7 years old (Must be made before 2015). There will be a Racing and Design Competition for this category. The oldest car will also win a prize.

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